Posted on: 
July 10, 2024

Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

We're seeking a Software Engineer to join our engineering team and assist in developing Infogram, a data visualization and infographics platform featuring an intuitive interface enabling users to create interactive charts, maps, graphs, and infographics.

Infogram is a widely used tool across various sectors, including businesses, education, journalism, and individuals, allowing them to present data and information in an engaging and understandable format.

Our tech stack revolves around JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, TypeScript and we're enthusiastic about experimenting with and adopting the latest technologies. We test our code with PlayWright, build and deploy using CI/CD, work in cross-functional teams using Basecamp's Shape Up approach, and allocate time for code maintenance and improvements. If this sounds familiar or you would like to work in a fast-moving team, we'd love to connect with you!


  • Develop new data visualization solutions and enhance existing functionality
  • Work on AI-related initiatives
  • Design and construct scalable architectures prioritizing performance and usability
  • Participate in design and code reviews
  • Communicate and collaborate with other team members to resolve the best solutions to difficult problems


  • Strong product thinking mindset; Interest in solving user problems, not just implementing another task
  • Proficiency in Node, React/JS/TS, and willingness to learn
  • Comfort working within an existing codebase and developing new code
  • Excellent problem-solving, design, and debugging skills
  • Eagerness to learn and grow as a developer, and help colleagues

Benefits include a competitive salary, flexible time-off policy, paid parental leave, work-from-home flexibility, paid sabbatical leave, top-notch equipment, an inclusive culture, and more.

If you want to be part of a collaborative team and value the well-being of your colleagues, we'd love to hear from you! At Infogram, we embrace diversity in both our customer base and our workforce, welcoming people from all backgrounds to contribute their unique perspectives as we aim to revolutionize how individuals share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire action. If visual communication excites you and you thrive in a team environment while caring for others, we encourage you to apply.

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