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June 29, 2024

Mid Full-Stack Developer (Serverless)

Job Description

Hi there!

🦄 We are in search of a motivated and talented individual to join our team and start solving all sorts of problems on exciting publishing projects that are coming our way.

As a Full-Stack Developer, you will be a key contributor, whose impact will not only be felt in the lines of code but also in weighing in on team decisions that will drive our client's products toward success.

On a personal note, we are looking for a problem solver with a proactive ‘get things done’ attitude, who has strong communication skills, is adaptable, thrives in fast-paced collaborative environments, and is always eager to learn and embrace new challenges.

Tech experience we are looking for:

  • You have at least 4+ years hands-on experience with software development in a team and a good understanding of the software product development lifecycle.
  • You have good knowledge and relevant experience in JavaScript ecosystem, specifically with ReactJS on frontend and NodeJS on the backend
  • You have experience in Serverless architecture (Lambda functions) and posses hands-on experience with AWS services, particularly with deploying and managing serverless applications.
  • You have experience working with Git workflows within a company environment
  • If you have experience with DynamoDB and possess knowledge of Serverless Stack (SST), it is a plus
  • You are familiar with feature flagging or other tools that provide incremental product delivery  and trunk-based development.
  • You can write specification documents and create diagrams to explain your solutions.
  • You have great communication skills and can provide feedback to ensure implementations based on design do not increase complexity.
  • You understand the importance of thoroughly testing code and continuously monitoring features in production.

‍What we had in mind for you:

  • Work on interesting publishing projects and be involved in the entire project lifecycle, from setting up the project to production.
  • Cover both frontend and backend tasks as needed
  • Continuously monitor and test features to ensure they function as expected.
  • Set up Serverless Architecture and deploy and manage serverless applications
  • Write automatic tests and documentation
  • Take active role on meetings (dailies, tech discussions, groomings, etc.)
  • Collaborate with the team to identify and solve challenging problems.
  • Use feature flagging and other tools to support incremental product delivery.
  • Write specifications and use diagrams to explain solutions.

‍Why you'll enjoy working at d.labs:

  • We collaborate on interesting international projects, trying to make a real difference.
  • We are a remote-first organization, with coworkers from more than 10 different locations in the CET time zone.
  • Being remote first also means we offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to organising your work schedule
  • Instead of the traditional top-down hierarchy, we use tribes and competencies to run our business (adapted from the Spotify model).
  • Our teams are cross-functional, focused on one project at a time, and include developers, product managers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, and product designers, ensuring a collaborative and creative environment.
  • We are proud of our teamwork and enjoy working with one another.
  • Our senior experts and managers will be your mentors and allies in helping you achieve your goals.
  • We offer fair pay and career development opportunities.
  • We have regular monthly 1-on-1 meetings with our managers.
  • If you are from Slovenia, our development center in Ljubljana and a coworking office in Maribor will be available to you at all times, making it your choice to work from home or the office.
  • Our strong HR team is focused on our well-being, connectedness, and development.
  • We love to get together so we have  multiple team buildings per year, summer off-site, the New Year’s party etc.

If you are ready to take on this challenge and be a part of our innovative team, we would love to hear from you.

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