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January 18, 2024

Performance Marketing Strategist

Job Description

Hello, Performance Marketing Experts!

My name is Dominykas and I am the Performance MarketingTeam Lead at Hey Digital. We help some of the largest SaaS companies in the world grow by managing their paid advertising campaigns across a variety of channels.

If you’re an experienced paid media expert who loves structure, building a process for everything, you’re committed to your own personal growth and you’d often describe yourself as someone who has a growth mindset - then this role is just for you!

With that in mind, we only encourage you to apply if you specifically have experience working within an agency or an environment that has many moving parts and different priorities to manage and because of this, you’re great at managing your own time.

This isn’t just another performance marketing specialist position though - it’s crucial that you know how to work hard but smart. And you probably know by now that grinding out 12-hour workdays without taking care of yourself just isn’t sustainable. You would be working with a diverse team and clients from all corners of the globe and you will be a part of the foundational team at a young company that really cares about their employees.

This is a Full-Time Remote position.

More about the role

As a Performance Marketing Strategist your role is to drive trial signups, demo bookings, and closed-won revenue for our clients by building, managing, and optimizing their paid advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms.

As a senior member of the team, you’ll be expected to provide strategic direction for the accounts you are managing, provide advice and support to the rest of the Performance Marketing team, work on documenting and building out our own internal processes, and to work closely with the Operations Team on future hiring and team building.  

Your time will be split between the following:

  • Providing strategic direction and advice for other members of the Performance Marketing team
  • Documenting and building paid media processes alongside our operations team
  • Communicating clearly and acting in line with our core values - both with our clients and our internal team.
  • Planning, creating and launching new campaigns for our clients across a variety of platforms.
  • Executing and leading audits, creating strategies and implementing tracking for our potential and new clients.
  • Leading the creation of real-time Google Looker Studio dashboards for the clients you are managing.
  • Reviewing the performance of campaigns across multiple channels and optimise frequently. You should always be seeking ways to improve account performance and efficiency.
  • Working on weekly and mid-month performance updates for the accounts you’re responsible for managing.
  • Planning and executing new ideas and experiments that you think will help drive better results for our clients.

This position is perfect for you if you have...

  • Experience managing campaigns across both paid search and paid social at a variety of budget levels.
  • Experience within the SaaS or B2B tech verticals and a thorough understanding of how marketing works in these industries.
  • Previously worked within an agency or a multi-product business for at least 3-4+ years
  • The ability to come up with creative and data-driven ideas and strategies to help our clients grow.
  • A future desire to step into a team lead and more client-facing strategist role.

About Hey Digital

At Hey Digital our mission is to make 10 million people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable by helping them discover software products that improve their daily lives.

Our aim is to become the number one SaaS specific paid marketing agency in the world and to have a ton of fun whilst doing it!

We work with a range of VC backed and bootstrapped SaaS companies from all over the world - helping them drive more trial signups, demo bookings, and closed-won revenue.

At the time of writing this, we’re a 100% remote team of 23 full-time team members with a couple of additional team members also supporting us on a part-time basis across 10 different time zones.

Here’s What We Bring To The Table:

  • We always have been and always will be a remote-first company so you’re able to work from whatever environment best suits you.
  • We have flexible hours because we understand life happens.
  • Joining the team now will provide plenty of room for growth and career progression for the right person.
  • You’ll get 28 days of PTO, 15 paid holidays, and your birthday off every year.
  • We want you to be comfortable where you work, whether this is your home office or at a co-working space. Within reason and budget, we will cover or contribute to a co-working space.
  • We value developing skills and continually learning. Interested in a specific book, course, or event? Let your team lead know and we’ll find a way to accommodate.
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