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June 29, 2024

Product Manager

Job Description

If you're passionate about consumer-centric innovation, have a flair for SEO, a data-driven mindset and are ready to make a tangible impact in a leading product-led company, we want to hear from you!

A few notes before we dive in!

-For the right candidate we are open to remote arrangements as long as you currently reside within the GMT+0, GMT+1, GMT+2 or GMT+3 time zones.

-Embrace the unique opportunity of a four-day work week, allowing you to innovate and excel in a more focused and balanced environment.

About AutoUncle

A company with two goals.

Our business goal is to be the most trusted car valuation brand in Europe. Known primarily for our powerful search engine, we promote transparency in the used car market. Our technology extends beyond search capabilities, offering valuable price and market insights in various contexts. We're committed to ensuring our platform is accessible everywhere it's needed - from our consumer search engine to automotive professionals, external marketplaces, and dealer and OEM websites.

Our personal goal is to be The Most Human Company. We believe in nurturing a workspace where diverse individuals can collaborate, learn and grow. Success at AutoUncle stems from a focus on people first, supported by a compelling product, strong community, and a foundation of trust and fairness. Recognizing that humans aren't machines, we prioritize results over hours spent, understanding that emotional intelligence and personal growth are vital for long-term success. We trust our team to manage their time effectively, contributing to our collective goals in a marathon of success.

About the Product Manager Opportunity

Your Role
As our Product Manager on the Consumer team, you'll steer the direction of AutoUncle's consumer-focused websites and app. Your role is pivotal in driving strategy and development, rooted in a profound understanding of consumer-led SEO strategies and a solid data foundation. Your goal? To elevate user experience and search engine visibility, ultimately enhancing our direct-to-consumer offerings and ensuring significant growth in our consumer base.

In collaboration with cross-functional teams, spanning product management, design, SEO and engineering—you will align with our leadership to execute company goals seamlessly. Inspired by the methodologies of Marty Cagan's Inspired and Empowered, as well as Basecamp's Shape Up, you'll work within agile, cross-functional product teams to shape and discover future features, delivering them directly to our users backed by solid data analysis.


  • Strategic Development: Drive the strategy and development of our consumer platforms, focusing on delivering impactful, consumer-led solutions that grow our revenue from performance marketing-related products.
  • Collaboration and Leadership: Work closely with cross-functional teams and demonstrate extensive business acumen to align and execute company goals. You'll report directly to the VP of Product & Engineering, Niklas Stephenson.
  • Utilize deep consumer-led SEO insights and a robust data foundation to guide strategic decisions, ensuring the building of data-driven, valuable, viable, usable and feasible products.
  • Customer Engagement: Develop deep relationships with customers to understand their needs and feedback, ensuring our solutions are consumer-led and backed by a strong data analysis.

What to Expect in Your First Quarter

  • Integration: Get to know the team, workflow and the broader business context. Understand the core data and business model of our consumer site to identify user needs and areas for improvement.
  • Impact: Collaborate on research, write compelling pitches and deliver your first features. Demonstrating your ability to drive consumer-focused initiatives grounded in solid data analysis and business strategy.

About You

  • You bring 5+ years of experience in product management. Previous experience in design, engineering, data analysis, science or user research is a plus.
  • You have a proven track record of success in roles requiring extensive business acumen, deep knowledge of consumer-led SEO and a strong data background.
  • You're skilled in modern product discovery and delivery, capable of working effectively across the entire organization for strategic alignment and execution.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced, start-up environment and are ready to lead and innovate in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

A little more about AutoUncle and how we operate!

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