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July 31, 2022

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

About Capdesk

At Capdesk, we’re rewriting how companies use equity to empower their people.

We help businesses unite founders, investors and employees through better equity management and greater access to liquidity – no more waiting for the company to IPO.

In the last few years, we’ve become a leader in our field, providing the easiest way for 1000s of private companies to digitise their equity information and manage employee share schemes. There are no longer any excuses for denying employees a share of the wealth they helped to create.

2021 was eventful – we raised £8m and launched in multiple new European markets – but we’ve set our sights even higher for 2022 and we’re counting on every new joiner to help us get there. We’re staying as lean as possible, so every hire matters.

Capdesk is a remote-friendly startup with a team-first mentality. We have amazing people all over the world but many employees are based in Copenhagen or London where we still have brick-and-mortar offices.

Currently we are able to accept applications from the following countries: UK, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Canada (Quebec) and Egypt however this is reviewed on a regular basis and we will update accordingly.

About the role

📽 Watch Vincent explain what we're looking for in a three-minute video.

We're looking for engineers with experience delivering value. You've put important features into production and want to keep shipping more. Maybe you’d like to have more autonomy and have a bigger impact. Maybe you miss faster, simpler and easier times back when you were just 70 employees.

Well, well, what a happy coincidence! This is where Capdesk is right now. We have so much to build and tons of interesting opportunities to chase. We want to grow, but at a controlled pace. We're not on an uncontrolled hypergrowth journey and when it comes to hiring, we value quality over quantity.

You'll be building new features, improving existing code and collaborating with a team of highly driven and motivated individuals. You're autonomous, able to wrap your head around complex problems and curious to dig into the world of fintech. You like to ship iteratively and to consistently improve the code, leaving it better than it was when you first read it.

As a senior joining our team you'll have a golden opportunity to shape how we work and build things at Capdesk. You’re being brought on board to lead the change, not to be a passenger. Your voice will be heard and you will be given ample opportunities to influence the things you're passionate about. We're a team of open-minded individuals that love hearing new ideas and learning from others’ experiences. Bring your views!

Our tech stack:

  • Our back-end runs on Ruby on Rails, using PostgreSQL and Redis.
  • Our infrastructure runs on Heroku (we like to keep it simple).
  • Our frontend infrastructure is composed of three micro-frontends application. We’re currently phasing out the legacy AngularJS stack in favor of our new React stack.
  • Our designers create wireframes and prototypes in Figma
  • We are big fans of everything GitHub, our CI/CD pipeline is based on GitHub Actions.
  • We use a few amazing, best of the market tools: Datadog, Sentry, LaunchDarkly.

Don’t worry about being a 100% fit. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity to you and you think it could work, let’s chat.

Capdesk is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

Working at Capdesk, what we can offer you:

  • Salary ranging from 70-85,000 GBP depending on the level of experience and your location*
  • Transparent equity ownership. We practise what we preach – everyone shares in the profits and wealth at Capdesk
  • 25 days holiday per year (increasing by 1 day every year up to 5 days), plus local national holidays
  • Mental health and wellbeing support as well as access to therapists with Spill
  • We’re pretty flexible when it comes to how you work - we trust you to get the work done, wherever you are based
  • Enhanced parental leave
  • You get your very own Pleo company credit card, so no more expenses hassle
  • Annual company trip (ask a Capdesker about our #supersocials) and virtual quarterly kick-offs
  • Onboarding budget of £2,500 to spend on equipment you need so you can work to the best of your abilities

    The current budget for this role is 80-98,000 GBP. This includes any taxes and mandatory employer pension or social security contributions. This budget translates to a salary of 70-85,000 GBP if you’re working in the UK. You can work in other countries and we’ll keep the same budget and adjust the salary as needed for local taxes and other employer contributions.

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