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February 5, 2024

Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

About Pallon

At Pallon, we are building smart software to automatically report defects in sewer inspection videos and consult cities when to fix them. With more accurate and objective data, we help to fix wastewater leaks, reduce CO2 emissions, and prevent urban flooding. Our mission is to make cities more sustainable and resilient.💪 Your role

  • Make key technical and architectural decisions and set standards in code reviews and best practices.
  • Develop new features, from the blueprint all the way to shipping production code, and contribute to all parts of our product and tech stack.
  • Write robust, well-documented, and easily extensible code.
  • Share your expertise with the team and help your peers grow as engineers.

Your Role

Note: we do not require experience in these exact technologies

  • Frontend: Typescript, MobX, React, WebGL, Canvas.
  • Backend: Python, NodeJS, Typescript, Postgres, Django.
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Analytics: DBT, BigQuery, Metabase.

    Our Tech Stack

    • At least 5 years of working experience as a software engineer & comfortable with web development.
    • Collaborative communication skills, creating an environment of mutual learning and teaching.
    • Either already experienced with our stack or able to pick it up quickly.
    • Optional: Experience in project management and team leadership.

    Benefits & Team Culture

    • Meaningful Work: our product helps to protect the environment from sewage spills and flooding. We care about building something useful that has a positive impact on the world.
    • Ownership: you get to take ownership of the projects you work on. Everyone on our team can point to a part of the product and say “I built this”.
    • Supportive Team: you can ask everyone on the team for help–there are no stupid questions. We love learning and helping others and make sure to take the time for it.
    • Agile & Iterative: our work is released to users twice per day.
    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP): you will own a part of Pallon and have a part in our success.
    • Flexible work: open to 80% work so you can spend more time with your family.
    • Work location: work in-office, remotely, or hybrid.
    • Bake pizza with us on our rooftop terrace while enjoying the view of the Alps. And on hot summer days, go for a dip in the river right in front of our office!

    Inclusion Statement

    At Pallon, we highly value equality of opportunity and inclusivity, and we would like to particularly encourage women and candidates from under-represented backgrounds to apply.

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