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March 28, 2023

Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

Work from anywhere in Europe or Africa!

At Prismic, we are changing the way developers ship websites. So far, developers seem to like it!

We are building a team of talented, thoughtful, and diverse people with the goal of making both front-end developers and website content creators more productive. We hope you can join us on this journey!


Hello. We're Prismic.

We're building a developer-centric CMS – like WordPress, but different (although that's a massive oversimplification). Our goal is to create a tool that is both enjoyable and productive for marketing & development teams. In this job post, we will talk only about the latter. If you're interested in tools for marketers, it’s a different team, and you can still reach out!

Many call us a headless CMS or API-based CMS, but we like to think beyond the technical architecture that we provide. We believe our job doesn't stop at providing an API to developers who will figure out how to work with it. That's why we're investing quite a lot in making the developer experience as enjoyable as possible and in building product and tools for developers.

Why are we looking for you?

We dedicate our time to making developers' jobs more accessible and productive. The developers’ end goal should be to provide tools for the marketing team to create as many pages as they want.

To deliver this fully custom Website Builder, we created products for developers to efficiently develop website sections (we call them slices) using the technology of their choice. Gatsby, Nuxt, Next, Svelte, Php, Ruby, you name it.

And that's where you come into play. We are looking for someone to help us develop and improve this product (Slice Machine) to make the jobs of the developers effortless and more enjoyable. Your goal will be to remove all the annoying bits of working with a Headless CMS and allow them to focus only on spaces where they shine. You'll be there to help them land their website even faster while enjoying the whole process.

What will you be doing? 🔧

- Support the team on challenging projects, such as implementing a way for users to preview their code with generated mocks in a playground, implementing a git-like workflow for our users or redesigning our whole architecture through a plugin system to encourage external contributions.

- Support the team in designing & implementing the solution(s) to complex problems for the short- and long- terms.

- Push the team even further in terms of best practices to build an even more robust product.

- Create a stage for squad members to deliver impact and advocate for what they think is important.

- Challenge and lead discussions on Technical & Product initiatives alike, involving Product Designers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, and QA Engineers.

- Communicate risks, and reinforce with data to demonstrate trending toward consequences.

- JS optimization to improve performance and address scalability limits.

Are you our dream candidate? 🧠

- 4+ years experience as a frontend or full-stack software engineer developing complex web applications.

- Excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript and its fundamentals, TypeScript, and ReactJS.

- Strong knowledge about building scalable state management systems. Redux is a plus.

- Knowledgeable about modern web platform architectures, design patterns, and data structures.

- Experience with accessible components/applications.

- Experience with system design + evolutionary maintenance of heritage cloud applications.

- Experience mentoring and developing engineers.

- Empathy, a collaborative spirit, and the ability to work effectively with a team.

- Strong verbal and written English language skills.


- An appreciation for the importance of good documentation - internal and external.

- Experience working in fast-growing environments, especially in developer tools.

- You have experience contributing to or managing open-source projects.

If you don’t tick all the boxes - no worries, we still encourage you to apply!

At Prismic, we’re committed to embracing diverse profiles, understanding what you can bring to the table, and fitting your skills into our teams.

What are the perks? 🎉

Firstly, we are hiring across Europe and Africa, and it’s a 100% remote position.

– Latest Macbook;

– A budget for you to equip your home-office setup;

– English classes for all levels;

– Solving challenging problems while building cutting-edge technology;

– Working in a super culturally-diverse team with fun and curious folks;

– Yearly company gatherings that break away from the normal and allow you to meet the international teams!

(also, other benefits that may depend on the country you’re based in)

Are you at the office?

- Tasty snacks and drinks (coffee, tea, natural juices).

- Yoga classes 3x/week.

Afraid of missing out if you’re remote? 🌍 Worry not!

– You get the chance to visit us every once in a while and spend some days at the office.

– A budget for you to equip your home-office setup.

– Virtual initiatives for us to stay connected with each other and have the precious water-cooler conversation.

We also have regular global meetings, where every team member is free to raise and discuss any topic with the whole company - we do our best to nurture a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can have the conditions to feel supported and thrive at your job and keep learning.

So, no matter where you are, it’s important for us to make you a part of that culture.

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