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March 10, 2023

Technical Content Writer

Job Description

We're looking for someone who's great at writing, pretty good at coding, and wants to get better at the latter. We can give you an opportunity to deeply learn many technologies in a very brief time all while producing useful community content (tutorials, code examples, SDKs, etc) for our (potential) customers.

Salary varies with seniority and is benchmarked to Dutch/Amsterdam norms.

About TalkJS

Product driven

We care tremendously about quality.

We want TalkJS to be the what every developer thinks of when building chat features, a bit like what Stripe has become for payments. This means the product has to be excellent on all fronts. To make this happen, we hire great engineers and give them the maximum amount of freedom and trust to ship fantastic SDKs, APIs, and features.

Independent people solving challenging problems

When we say “maximum amount of freedom”, we really mean it. At TalkJS you’re the “product manager” of your own work and you run it all the way, alone or together, from inception until it’s in our customers’ hands. No micromanagers, almost no meetings, lots of collaboration.

Key culture highlights

Healthy work/life balance

Because you can't ship great stuff when you're tired and overworked.

Respectful working culture

Because only constructive feedback makes the product better.


Every team member proactively proposes and ships improvements, which lets us skip a lot of the usual project management overhead.

Small team, little hierarchy

Because a few fast movers can get as much done as four layers of management with hundreds of bureaucracy-shackled team members.


Apply by emailing to Include anything you've written before. Also, if you found us on a job site, could you let us know which? Thanks! 🙂

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