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August 6, 2022

Typescript/React expert (+3 yrs)

Job Description

⚠️ Important ⚠️: Although this is a fully remote role, we only accept candidates that are within 2 hours of CET (Central European Timezone). Applying outside of that is a waste of your (and our) time.

Prezly is looking for a senior react/typescript/frontend developer to join our team and boost our capacity in creating a world with more meaningful communication between organisations and people. Working closely with a product designer, the founders and builders to craft high-quality, impactful, and inclusive user experiences for communication experts all around the world.

About Prezly

Good stories, told well to the right people, can inspire and spark positive change in the world. That’s why at Prezly, we’re building state-of-the-art storytelling tools for stellar brands. Since our founding in 2010, we've grown to become a profitable, 100% globally distributed team of ~16 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.

Read more about our company vision/mission

About the role

We are looking for a frontend engineer with a deep understanding of Typescript and React and best practices when it comes to frontend development. You should have senior level experience (~5 years) building modern frontend systems, with at least 3 years of that experience using react.

You will work on a variety of projects, mostly around the core Prezly product. Your work will ship continuously so you will have a direct impact on our customers’ experience and the overall trajectory of the business.

As our new teammate, you’ll be self-driven and work hard to bring value to your new company in the most effective way possible. You’ll work hard to make those around you better, communicate clearly, and make Prezly a better company.

About the technology

Our services are built around a core of a Single Page Application (react/JS/typescript), API's in PHP (symfony). On the backend we use a Symfony fork ( and interact with a Postgres (RDS) database.

We're big believers in open-source and devops/CI - building, testing, and deploying to any of our environments are as simple as pushing a commit to a git branch. The infrastructure is containerised, built on top of AWS using Kubernetes. For open-source work, we encourage our team to share their work with the world and contribute where they can. Some open-source stuff we did.

We're a technology company first: This means that in addition to product and business development plans, we put emphasis on continual improvement of our stack and infrastructure. Current projects include API'ing our full application suite and removing redux.
Covid-19 and Travel
As international borders reopen, we’re thrilled to be able to start planning in-person retreats and visits to our HQ. Since regulations vary from country to country, we expect each team member to make themselves aware of the travel regulations pertaining to where they live and plan their own travel accordingly.

We are happy to cover the costs for any covid tests you need to take to comply with travel regulations when attending retreats or other team meetings, which will vary depending on things like your country of residence, vaccination status and so on.

Job requirements

  • 5+ years of professional frontend experience
  • Really good in typescript, react, hooks
  • Wide frontend skills (design implementation, scss, BEM, hooks)
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • A team-oriented person who loves to collaborate and communicate

You will get

  • Competitive salary
  • Great tools: What would Batman be without his utility belt? He’d still be badass. But you get the point. At Prezly you’ll get to choose your own gear.
  • Flexible hours: There’s a life outside of work. That’s why our distributed team works from where they want, when they want. And they get tons of work done.
  • Unlimited vacation time: We evaluate on value, not on time spent behind desks. Employees can take as many holidays as they need. This way they bring their A-game to the job.
  • Visits to Leuven: A few times per year the entire team gets together in the office in Leuven, the world’s capital of beer. We’ll fly you in so you can have fun with the team.
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