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May 30, 2024

UX/UI Designer

Job Description

Job description

Mailbird is a native remote company, on a mission to transform the chore of email management into an experience you love. We're not just building an email client; we're creating a central hub for seamless communication. With a unified, intuitive interface that merges multiple email accounts and apps, we're making digital communication not only efficient but delightful. Ready to revolutionize the inbox? Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Make email a joy!

As a UX/UI Designer at Mailbird, you will be at the forefront of this transformational journey. With a wellspring of creativity and a mastery of modern design, you're set to be a cornerstone in Mailbird’s evolution and vision. Your role goes beyond mere design; you'll help redefine email management as a moment users look forward to, blending UX/UI design with the vibrancy of social media and the impact of compelling marketing visuals. Your vision will not only make Mailbird user-friendly but genuinely engaging, enriching our users' digital lives at every click.

A few examples of your responsibilities

  • Take the lead on design projects from the get-go to the grand finale, where your knack for blending creative design with sharp project management skills shines. You'll be the heartbeat of ensuring our designs not only hit their deadlines but also shine to perform, thanks to your collaboration with our marketing and development teams.
  • Crafting captivating content for social media, marketing materials, and our websites, while also designing user interfaces that impress on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in creating micro animations and prototypes, stretching the limits of what we can achieve in design together.
  • Dive into UX research with a detective's eye for detail, applying your discoveries to enhance the user-friendliness of our applications. You're our guardian of staying ahead of design trends and tuning into user feedback, ensuring Mailbird always meets our users' needs with elegance and intuition.

Job requirements

  • An impressive portfolio. Your portfolio is more than a collection of work; it's a narrative of your design journey. It should vividly showcase your process in mobile, web, or desktop app UX/UI design, reflecting not just technical skill but a deep-seated passion for crafting user-centric experiences and your role in the projects delivered.
  • Technical versatility and innovation. We're looking for hands-on experience (2-4 years) with design tools like Figma, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Your toolkit may vary, and that's okay; we appreciate versatility and the ability to bring ideas to life with efficiency and flair. Bonus points if you're proficient and curious in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, or if you’re exploring the frontiers of design with generative AI tools.
  • A rich tapestry of personality traits. Open-mindedness, curiosity, and a relentlessly positive attitude are the heartbeats of our team. You're someone who sees feedback as a stepping stone to greatness. At Mailbird we keep on learning all the time as a team. Organization in your design work is key, but so is your creative spark - fueling not just your projects but inspiring those around you. Flexibility, spontaneity, and the initiative to lead projects forward are traits we value highly. While you thrive in social settings and collaborative brainstorming, you're also adept at diving deep into focused, autonomous, and independent work.
  • Skills that set you apart. Creativity is your default mode and way of life, rooted in a profound understanding of your own capabilities and how to harness them to stay perpetually innovative. Problem-solving is second nature to you; you see challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to design solutions that captivate and delight. Your attention to detail is unmatched, ensuring every pixel, every line of copy, and every design element is scrutinized and perfected, contributing to the overarching narrative of excellence and precision that defines Mailbird's global presence.
  • English proficiency. Because our team communicates across the globe, strong English reading, writing, and speaking skills are essential. Your ability to articulate ideas, provide clear feedback, and collaborate effectively is paramount.

Why you'll thrive at Mailbird

  • Global impact. Your creativity will resonate across the globe, as Mailbird connects users worldwide through seamless communication.
  • Creative freedom. Here, innovation isn't just welcome—it's expected. You'll have the liberty to experiment and innovate, directly impacting our users' experience without the constraints of client demands.
  • State-of-the-art software. Equipped with the latest in design software and resources, your potential for creating groundbreaking work is limitless.
  • A culture of learning. Surrounded by industry luminaries, you're in a prime position for both personal and professional growth. Our team is as passionate about learning from you as they are about sharing their own insights.
  • The Mailbird community. More than just colleagues, we're a tight-knit community of Mailbirdians dedicated to support, collaboration, and mutual respect. Expect an environment where everyone's voice matters, and collective success is the goal.
  • True independence. We value autonomy, trusting you to navigate challenges in your unique way, with a supportive team ready to back you up.
  • Efficiency over bureaucracy. Our ethos is about maintaining momentum with minimal meetings and bureaucracy, ensuring you spend your time on what truly matters - creating.
  • Flexible working. Embrace the ultimate work-life balance with our 100% remote policy. Tailor your work schedule to fit your most productive periods, free from the confines of a fixed timetable.
  • Generous leave policy. Benefit from 40 days of fully paid leave annually, with additional days accruing over time. We also support you through life's major moments, ensuring you have the time you need, when you need it.
  • Engagement and recognition. Our virtual platforms provide ways to engage and receive recognition with a unique rewards system, where you earn points - known here as "unicorn points." These points can be either redeemed for rewards or saved up for something bigger. Plus, optional team-building activities range from educational sessions to casual hangouts and gaming, fostering a sense of community even from afar.

Your first 90 days

  • Day 30: Complete your onboarding journey with Mailbird and dive deep into our design philosophy. Showcase your adaptability and creativity with an initial project that could include social media images, videos, or blog visuals.
  • Day 60: Leave your mark with a major design initiative - perhaps an innovative feature for our website or a captivating user flow. Your work by now should include an animation or video that underscores our marketing strategy, showcasing your unique flair.
  • Day 90: By now, you're fully immersed, contributing to a marketing campaign or new app feature. You've produced a significant body of work for social media and forged strong collaborations with our development team, shaping the future of Mailbird's user experience.

Ready to apply? Just one more thing before you do!

We’re thrilled you’ve read this far and are considering a spot with us at Mailbird. Before you take the leap, we want to share a little about what makes our design team special. Imagine a place buzzing with creativity, where every day brings a new array of design projects. Exciting, right? That’s Mailbird for you!

But with great creativity comes the need for superpowers in staying organized and focused and here's the good news: you won’t be doing it alone. Your teammates are all in this together with you, ready to support and collaborate every step of the way. We cherish creativity here. Not just the kind you apply to projects, but the kind that sees you diving into our resources, conjuring up your own magical ideas, and bringing them to life. Plus, if you have a knack for sharing your design vision in a way that’s as clear and engaging as your favorite story, we’re already fans.

We aim high and support each other to reach those heights. If a blend of challenge, creativity, and collaboration sounds like your ideal workspace, and you’re eager to grow and make your mark, we’d love to meet you. Dive into Mailbird, where your next big adventure awaits!

Explore further with us and join us at Mailbird: Where email becomes joy!

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