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In an ideal world, you apply for a job and them someone reads your CV for a few minutes and decides if you’re qualified for the job. However, a good remote job opportunity can get thousands of applicants. This means that having a human check each CV would be impossible.

That’s where applicant tracking systems come in. They are type of software that help hiring managers find which applicants are a good fit. Though the process is complex, part of it is scanning all CVs for certain keywords that they’re looking for.

If your CV doesn’t match those keywords, it will never be read and you will not be considered for the job. That’s why it’s very important that your CV is the best it can be.

So with that in mind, RemoteInEurope has partnered with TopCV. They’re a professional CV-writing service that has helped over 1 million job seekers. By using the link below, you can get your CV reviewed by an expert who will give honest feedback and tips on how to improve.

The catch? There is none. We think this partnership is good for everyone:
  • 👨🚀 You: You get the chance to improve your CV for free and increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • 📄 TopCV: They get a chance to prove to our users how great their services are, and possibly gain a new customer.
  • 🌐 Us: If you are impressed by TopCV’s free review, you may buy one of their more advanced CV writing services, and we will get a commission(which we need to continue to run this job board)
So if you have an extra $0 lying around, why not get your CV reviewed? :)
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