Posted on: 
June 30, 2024

AI Champion

Job Description


Rows is the spreadsheet editor modern teams use to import, transform, and share data.

Our mission is to empower the billion people out there working on a spreadsheet every day to work with their own data, making it accessible and actionable for everyone.

Your role

We are looking for a Full-Time member who can directly generate AI solutions and who will lead our AI strategy.

Rows has 3 core features powered by AI, and we want you to help us take this to the next level.

  1. Our AI Analyst is a side-bar you can summon on any table, that answers your questions and can generate different insights for your data (including generating other tables with different cuts).
  2. Our AI functions is a collection of spreadsheets functions that tap into OpenAI (atm only gpt-4o and gpt-35-turbo) for translation, classification, and many other tasks.
  3. (Unnanounced project, but you will sh*t bricks when you see it).

As you can imagine, AI is a cornerstone of our strategy for the next 2 years, and we have strong indications that it works to add value to our users and as a value driver for the business (make money). We believe our AI features will grow in size and strongly impact how we build our product and business.

Why is this position called AI "Champion"? Yes, we kow it's a bit odd, but to be honest, we don't know yet. This is because we already have a small team working on AI, and you may start as a team member specialized in AI or as a leader in the team, depending on your experience. The team currently includes 3 engineers, 1 designer and 1 PM (who doubles as an expert prompt engineer) that for the past year all have been allocated roughly 50% to our AI efforts. They implemented the FE and BE of our AI Analyst feature and our AI functions. In short, mostly likely your title will be something normal like AI Engineer, Data Scientist, and may grow into a Group Manager of a team.

Your responsibilities

You will succeed by directly executing great AI projects, and by leading our AI strategy.

  • Code part or whole new features for AI.
  • Improve the features of AI that we have.
  • Train small ML models and LLMs on our data with a goal to implement them in production.
  • Keep a technical strategy for Rows AI that aligns to our business goals. This includes leading UX discussions, taking ownership of infrastructure, and generating new solutions that may grow to be the new Rows.

About you

  • Experience in relevant AI projects. We value UX, engineering and training side. Ideally, more than 1 area.
  • Super motivated to lead discussions and break things.
  • Strong communication skills, especially in English.
  • Familiarity with AI prompting.

Compensation and Perks

  • Expected Annual Gross Salary: To be discussed during the interview process, as this is our first hire in this area.
  • Employee equity plan.
  • We're Hybrid - choose to work from our offices in Porto/Berlin or work full-remote (23 countries).
  • Unlimited unpaid vacation policy.
  • More paid vacation if you stay multiple years.
  • Be part of a great team, have autonomy to give inputs and make things happen! In short: Really impact this Product!


Send the following information to [email protected]

  1. Which position do you want to apply to and why?
  2. LinkedIn url and/or CV pdf.
  3. Email and phone contacts.
  4. Also, send three (3x) 1-hour slots of availability in the next 3-5 days.
  5. The interview process will include reviewing what you have been doing in AI, and assumes you are quite familiar with spreadsheets (you don't need to beat our internal champion.. yet).

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