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June 9, 2024

Engineering Lead

Job Description

Company Overview:

Join Seedify, the #1 Blockchain Gaming Launchpad and Incubation Ecosystem, at the forefront of driving innovation in the gaming, blockchain and Web3 industries. Our mission is to empower project developers and innovators through funding, community building, and a comprehensive support system. At Seedify, we are committed to shaping the future of gaming and blockchain technology.

Key Responsibilities:

People Leadership

·       Lead and energize a cross-functional product team.

·       Manage a team of engineers and testers.

·       Lead by example through taking ownership, being proactive, and working collaboratively.

·       Help develop and support the engineering talent within your team.

·       Build a great team culture that's all about innovation, working together, partnering with other Seedify teams, and celebrating shared successes.

Technology and Delivery

·       Lead in technology by defining effective work practices.

·       Oversee engineering delivery, quality, and practices in your team through a culture of continuous improvement.

·       Contribute towards achieving broader Engineering strategic goals.

·       Implement Agile methodologies and values across the organization.

·       Dive into technical details when necessary to guide, support, and mentor your team.

·       Promote Engineering Craftsmanship through coaching, mentoring and pairing.

·       Help evolve best practices throughout the department.

·       Encourage a culture of ownership and technical excellence, ready to handle incident escalations.

·       Stay up-to-date with new technologies and share your insights, applying them to various projects as needed.

Product partner

·       Collaborate closely with Product to outline, refine, and execute the roadmap.

·       Develop new products, improve the existing products, processes, and operational strategies.

·       Advocate for the strategic significance of features on your product roadmap.

·       Promote innovation within your team, promoting a product culture where the customer is at the forefront of everything we do, and the whole team contributes towards creating the best customer experience.

·       Take responsibility for the architecture of the systems within your team.

Team Structure:

You will be an integral part of a multi-disciplinary product development team, leading a team of front end / back end / test engineers, partnered with UI/UX designers, product owner and Web3 subject matter experts.

Company Culture:

·       Fully remote, global operation.

·       Agile work environment.

·       Strong emphasis on product, user-centric development.

·       Proud of the products we build, and always looking for improvements.


·       100% remote

·       Timezone: flexible


·       Experience: 5+ Years of experience working as a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer.

·       Leadership experience: At least 1 year of experience leading, coaching, managing a team of engineers in a fast-paced and complex environment.

·       Technically adept: This is a hands-on role, where you will be expected to also contribute to coding sporadically. While it is expected for senior engineers to be stronger technically than yourself, your role is to lead and support them to make the best out of them. It is expected that you’re adept enough to work arm to arm with developers by pairing with them. Experience with React, Typescript / Javascript, building REST APIs, using frameworks like Express or NestJS, NoSQL and SQL databases, are things you should be familiar with.

·       Web3: Interest on Web3 ecosystem, wallets & transactions, IDOs & ICOs, DeFi (staking, farming, liquidity pools), omnichain.

·       User-centric: Experience working on a user-centric product development environment.


·       Strong knowledge of Web3 ecosystem and blockchain.

·       Experience with payment platforms / providers or similar high risk environments.

·       Understanding of AWS infrastructure and infrastructure as code.

·       Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar, or related education.


·       21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.

·       Sick days.

·       Budget for training / courses.

·       Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.


·       In addition to monthly salary paid in stablecoins (USDT), there will be a big bonus in SFUND token payable every 6 months.

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