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July 10, 2024

Lead Architect C++

Job Description


Join us as Lead Architect C++ at IMG.LY, where you'll become a central figure in our Creative Engine team. Driven by a passion for technical excellence and a commitment to developing market-leading creative solutions, at IMG.LY you won't just work on any platform—you'll shape the primary engine that powers all creative editing across our suite of products. Your role involves leading the future development of this essential cross-platform runtime, catering to the diverse creative needs of our global clients, including renowned brands like Amazon and Hootsuite.
While significantly impacting our product landscape through innovation and enhancements, you will also mentor a talented group of developers. Your efforts will ensure that our engine not only meets but exceeds the creative aspirations of millions of users worldwide, spanning industries from Marketing Tech to Print-on-Demand Services.

  • Architectural Leadership:
    Propose, review, and enhance the engine’s architecture, systems, and technical strategies to ensure scalability and performance.
  • Technology Selection:
    Identify and deploy suitable technologies and libraries that meet our evolving product goals.
  • Collaborative Innovation:
    Work closely with seasoned engineers to developand refine core engine concepts for application in multiple creative tools.
  • Code Excellence:
    Advocate for and maintain high standards in writing, reviewing, and extending robust, maintainable code.
  • Peer Engagement:
    Actively participate in code reviews and foster technical discussions to enhance team knowledge and product quality.
  • Visionary Leadership:
    Guide the team toward achieving desired architectural outcomes and strategically plan the technical roadmap.
  • Mentorship:
    Mentor engineers in creating clean, understandable, and performant C++ code, fostering a culture of learning and growth.
  • Risk Management:
    Proactively identify and mitigate potential risks in software architecture and design.
  • Team Management:
    Lead and develop a team of engineers, guiding their career progression, conducting performance evaluations, and actively participating in the hiring process.
  • Communication Skills:
    Excellent at communicating complex technical ideas, both internally and in the wider tech community.
  • Technical Expertise:
    Proficient in C++, with openness to other programming languages based on project needs.
  • Modular Design:
    Demonstrated ability in building modular and reusable software components.
  • Self-Management:
    Independent in managing time and tasks with minimal oversight.
  • Relationship Building:
    Proven ability to develop positive relationships with colleagues and industry peers.
  • English Proficiency:
    Strong command of English for effective communication and collaboration.

We provide permanent contracts and offer competitive compensation. For those living in Germany, we offer employment contracts. Outside of Germany, we hire through an Employer of Record (DEEL) to ensure you are equally protected and covered. We require candidates to be located within +/- 4 hours of Central European Time (CET) to facilitate collaboration and maintain our team dynamics.

At IMG.LY, we're not just familiar with the challenges of distributed work; we've mastered the best practices of a thriving remote work culture. You have the flexibility to design your work life, and we support an environment that fosters a close-knit team. Every quarter, we break away from the routine with fun remote events and in-person events in smaller groups. Plus, once a year, we go all out with our team hideouts, jetting off to stunning global locations like charming Portugal, or the scenic coasts of Montenegro—and this September to a beautiful Beach Resort in Turkey—all expenses paid. So hurry up to join.


Tell us what you’d been working on in the past, and where you see yourself in the future. The most recent projects are enough, we don’t care who you have been 10 years ago, we care who you are now and where you are heading! Any sample project is worth more than a thousand words.

How the hiring process works:
The hiring process begins with a 30-minute discussion focused on cultural fit and introducing IMG.LY as an organization, conducted by our People Experience Manager. Following this, you may receive a "take-home" assignment, estimated to require about three hours to complete. If your submission achieves a level of excellence, aligns with industry standards, and demonstrates transparency, the next step will be a review and technical discussion with potential future colleagues. This is followed by meetings with both your prospective Team Lead and our CEO. After these steps, we will proceed to the decision-making phase.


Vacation Time: Enjoy at least 25 days of vacation.Premium Equipment: Whether you prefer a MacBook or any other tools, we provide top-of-the-line gear to create your ideal workspace.Professional Development: We actively encourage and support your participation in conferences and Meet-Ups, whether you're sharing your insights or learning from others.Monthly Co-Working Space Allowance to provide you with a flexible and dynamic environment for your work.

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IMG.LY is a dynamic and product led company with a distributed team delivering the market-leading solution for photo, video, and creative editing across industries. Our fully-customizable SDKs powers over millions of video and photo creations every month, as well as thousands of apps. Whether it's powering Marketing Tech, enhancing Print-on-Demand Services, elevating Social Media Apps, or supporting Creative Agencies, IMG.LY is the go-to choice. For renowned brands like Amazon, Brother, HP, and Hootsuite for their user's creative editing needs. Our close-knit team of over 50 individuals is composed of tech-savvy, creative, and open-minded professionals who prioritize transparency and open communication.

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