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February 4, 2024

Senior Customer Success Manager

Job Description

Hello👋I am Idan, Growth Lead at Kayzen, and I am now looking for a Customer Success Manager  to join our global team 🙌
In this role, you will play a vital role in driving customer satisfaction, fostering long- term relationships and contributing to the overall growth and success of the company.

But wait, you have not heard of Kayzen before?😃

In short, Kayzen is a B2B SaaS platform that allows companies to run mobile in-app programmatic marketing in-house Your first time hearing the term “programmatic marketing”? Programmatic marketing, put simply, is the process of automating the buying and selling digital ads in real time.

When we talk about programmatic marketing in-house, it means taking this one step further by allowing our clients (i.e. advertisers) to fully own the technology stack and skills required in this process (rather than having too many vendors and middlemen who are not transparent and efficient in between).

The Team

The CSM team serves a dual-purpose role within the organization, acting as a crucial link between our customers and our product & service offerings. This position is instrumental in understanding and addressing customer needs, ensuring that our solutions are aligned with their goals and challenges. Additionally, the PSS is responsible for developing comprehensive account strategies that focus on growth and customer success, owning the execution of the same along with the Trading Team and other internal stakeholders.

To succeed in this role you need:

  • In-Depth Mastery of Kayzen DSP for Client Success
  • Strategic Client Management and Campaign Excellence
  • Leading in Industry Knowledge and Trends
  • Client Advocacy and Relationship Building

Sounds interesting. Isn't it?


We are seeking a highly proactive Customer Success Manager who will take full ownership of customer relationships. The ideal candidate will have a solutions-oriented mindset and provide clients with proactive consultations and data-driven campaign optimization recommendations on a daily basis.

1. Customer Success Management:

  • Form a deep understanding of the client’s business & goals
  • Provide DSP advisory and strategic consultation from the onboarding phase
  • Maintain detailed internal documentation of client information (Hubspot), interactions (call notes), feature requests (product wishlist), and campaign strategies
  • Conduct engaging and informative Quarterly Business Reviews focusing on learnings, growth opportunities, and evangelizing on product roadmap

2. Account Strategy and Campaign Management

  • Co-manage and optimize campaigns with the Client or Trading team, analyzing aggregate performance and log-level data to improve strategies.
  • Report on account progress weekly / bi-weekly to internal and external stakeholders (client, PSS Lead, Product teams, etc)
  • Set and achieve monthly and quarterly growth and milestone targets together with your Team Lead
  • Owning end-to-end client success and results through proactive optimizations, troubleshooting, and coordination

3. Feedback Loop and Product Development

  • Proactively identify and address emerging client needs
  • Work closely with the product team on enhancements based on client feedback.
  • Efficiently troubleshoot issues and communicate them to the product and technical teams
  • Provide regular feedback to management about client needs, market & competitor intelligence


  • 2+ years in a similar role in ad tech, with proven strengths in structured thinking, planning, and coordination, as well as proven portfolio growth
  • Understanding of the mobile programmatic ecosystem, including formats, targeting, attribution, and key metrics
  • Strong interest in online and performance marketing
  • Capable of working independently and collaboratively
  • Analytical and data- driven mindset
  • Innovative and problem-solving approach
  • Attention to detail

What do we offer?

  • Exceptional career growth and learning opportunity
  • A unique opportunity to be part of an experienced team of industry experts and entrepreneurs who bring massive change to the Adtech market
  • A high degree of responsibility and independence
  • Direct, day-to-day work experience with the management
  • A fun, driven, and multinational team located across Germany, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey, the UK and soon more countries
  • A flexible work-from-home arrangement
  • A 500-dollar home-office setup budget
  • A 1000-dollar annual learning and development budget
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