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March 19, 2024

Senior Frontend Engineer

Job Description

About the Job

We want TalkJS to be the default tool for developers to build chat features. To accomplish that vision, we need to make TalkJS fully customizable and still fantastic out of the box.

Our out-of-the-box chat UI components are a unique selling point of TalkJS. It's a great feature, but we're perfectionists so deep inside we know that it can be way greater still. We're looking to extend the team with someone who can really lift it to another level. Our current frontend stack is primarily React/TypeScript though it's constantly evolving.

On top of that we want to make it 10x easier for our customers (developers and designers) to tweak the chat UI exactly the way they want with minimal coding effort. Our humble goal is to ship a product that's super simple to install, fantastic to use immediately, and infinitely customizable. Simple and customizable seem deeply at odds with each other, but we think we can pull it off. If you're up for the challenge of marrying the two, then this is for you.

We offer tremendous freedom and responsibility + work in a remarkably decent codebase (for a startup 😬). At TalkJS we like to think that we're good at striking a balance between meticulous code and shipping quickly. If that sounds like your kind of environment, then this is for you.

Our ideal candidate:

  • has broad technical interests
  • deeply understand the web platform
  • likes to design great APIs/libraries for other programmers
  • has demonstrable experience writing single-page web applications
  • knows at least 2 programming languages well
  • likes to work together with the team to make our product better across the board

Bonus points if you know mobile tech too (iOS/Android/React Native/Flutter).

Salary varies with skills & experience and is benchmarked to Dutch/Amsterdam norms.

About TalkJS

Product driven

We care tremendously about quality.

We want TalkJS to be the what every developer thinks of when building chat features, a bit like what Stripe has become for payments. This means the product has to be excellent on all fronts. To make this happen, we hire great engineers and give them the maximum amount of freedom and trust to ship fantastic SDKs, APIs, and features.

Independent people solving challenging problems

When we say “maximum amount of freedom”, we really mean it. At TalkJS you’re the “product manager” of your own work and you run it all the way, alone or together, from inception until it’s in our customers’ hands. Work flexible hours, from anywhere. No micromanagers, almost no meetings, and lots of collaboration.

Key culture highlights

Healthy work/life balance

Because you can't ship great stuff when you're tired and overworked.

Respectful working culture

Because only constructive feedback makes the product better.


Every team member proactively proposes and ships improvements, which lets us skip a lot of the usual project management overhead.

Small team, little hierarchy

Because a few fast movers can get as much done as four layers of management with hundreds of bureaucracy-shackled team members.

A no-nonsense working culture

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Some more background that might interest you: Technology Stack and Tooling (1)


Apply by emailing to If you can, show us an app your built (or helped build) and an API/library you designed (on any platform). Also, if you found us on a job site, could you let us know which? Thanks! 🙂

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