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March 21, 2024

Software engineer

Job Description

The role

Improve Gumroad by shipping product features, fixing bugs, and removing technical debt. Our stack is primarly Ruby on Rails, React, and Typescript. We also have legacy code in JavaScript and Flight. You should have familiarity with improving a high-quality app in production.

About Gumroad

Gumroad is 100% remote and async. We focus on shipping instead of meeting. We have product-market fit: over $13M in creator earnings per month. We’re also profitable.

Everyone works hourly–between 15 and 35 hours a week–and invoices for their time with our new product, Flexile, choosing what % of their $ they’d like as equity.

You can read more about the way we work in an essay I wrote, or watch our most recent public board meeting on YouTube.

Public private wiki:

Our team

  • 29 part-time freelancers
  • Average 21 hours / week, 40 weeks / year
  • Average tenure of 2.17 years
  • 1% annual contractor "churn" rate

Application process

  1. Apply via Flexile, no resumé required
  2. If it may be a fit, a phone call to determine cultural fit
  3. Impress with a project that shows you can do the job
  4. 4-6 week-long work trial, paid
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